We were pleased to invite Frederick Shegog to Clarion University of Pennsylvania to speak to our campus.  Through his presentation our students were encouraged to work through unfortunate circumstances. Frederick used his own past as an example and as a result was able to connect with our students. He was inspiring! Students left Mr. Shegog’s presentation motivated and encouraged.

We look forward to Mr. Shegog returning to Clarion University.

Ann Jamison
Office of the President
Clarion University of Pennsylvania

I have had the pleasure of working with Freddie for the past 2 years. His passion for his work and positive energy is contagious! His wonderful ability to share his story, his insights and connect with others while offering a message of faith, motivation and hope is a natural gift that comes from within him. He is an agent of change in terms of personally impacting others lives but also his mission that recovery must be addressed openly at a societal level. Having an opportunity in meeting with him or him speaking with you or a large group will be something you are grateful to be a part of! He touches lives in a purely unique and authentic way.

Rose Kurtz
Licensed Professional Counselor
Chadds Ford, PA

Frederick Shegog is a unique and powerful storyteller combining real-world experience and a solution-focused message that all people impacted by addiction need to hear.

Greg Williams
Filmmaker of The Anonymous People

Freddie Shegog delivers a real-life-based message of hope, inspiration, and recovery.  His presentation pushes back powerfully against the hopelessness and despair that mark the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.   Every word from his mouth is filled with passion, compassion, and commitment to protecting his fellow brothers and sisters from contracting this deadly disease.  His life-changing message has been applauded everywhere he speaks.  Freddie is a man on a mission, a sacred faith-based mission; he has dedicated his life both to prevention and to bringing hope and recovery to those who are already suffering with the disease.

Gary Tennis
President, National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws (NAMSDL)

Frederick's message and dynamic delivery are very empowering to people of all backgrounds.  The ability to connect with individuals and groups ranging from teenagers to senior citizens while also enhancing their understanding and ability to address serious societal issues productively are skills that Frederick displays with great ease and precision. Every college and university that enlists Frederick to speak with their students during New Student Orientation, Welcome Week or Weeks of Welcome will have a positive impact on the successful transition and overall experiences of students matriculating at their respective colleges and universities.

Kendrick M. Mickens Sr., Ed.D.
Director, Office of Student Success and First-Year Experience

To say that Freddy is an inspirational speaker is a complete understatement. He came to speak to my school of “at-risk” teens; those students hung on every word he said. He moved them with his personal story of troubles, hard-work, and triumph. He connected with the students because they too have troubles, and they appreciated having someone they could relate to share his honest story. I asked Freddy to speak for 45 minutes to an hour, worried that my students would get bored, but he could have spoken for much longer, and the students still would have listened intently. Afterwards, the students did not clear out but went to shake his hand and stay behind to speak to him one-on-one! I will be asking Freddy to come back and see my students again in the future. I highly recommend asking Frederick Shegog come speak to your group. He is real. He is honest. He is inspirational.

L. Newman
Acting Principal, SYA
Media, PA

Freddy's energy, story, and experience are captivating for any and all audiences. His perseverance and insight translate seamlessly into his speaking engagements and presentations. Whether I have seen him on a panel, give a keynote, or converse in the hallways, he is dynamic. He's a fantastic choice for that next event where you want to engage your audience while informing them about the power of recovery and education.

Tim Rabolt
Executive Director Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE)

Frederick is an outstanding speaker. His transformational story is inspiring and he has a unique ability to engage the audience. His presence in any room is captivating, and he did an exceptional job at a keynote panel presentation during a leadership summit I helped organize. As a leader in recovery advocacy, Freddy would be an asset to any team or conference. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Paula Figueroa-Vega
Founding Partner, Organizational Management Consultant at MAPA Collaborative, LLC

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