Speaking Engagements

Devoted to changing the world in a positive manner.

As W.E.B. Du Bois stated, “Education must not simply teach work-it must teach life.”

Frederick is pleased to offer experiences to not only provide information but also help in using his story to inspire other students.
Frederick’s grounded approach to life can inspire and motivate individuals regardless of their path in life. His presentation is uniquely structured to speak to the inner being of anyone fortunate enough to experience his powerful engagements.

Frederick’s life has provided him with a perspective and range of experiences which give him a unique approach to all subject matter regardless of the meeting, conference, or convention.

Breakout Sessions

What will your legacy be? We only get one life so why not make it the best experience possible? Let’s lay the groundwork for leaving a legacy that will change the world. A guided tutorial that is filled with motivation, passion, and pain driven energy to inspire students to create their lasting legacy. Hear how foundation, networks, and goal setting can inspire you to change your world which will lead to inspiring future generations.

The Value of Student Leadership The key to increasing retention rates and uplifting campus life for all is leadership. All colleges and k-12 schools must strive to create the next leader for today's world. Let a personal journey of hard work, networking, and scholarships teach the next leader how to lead by action. A break down of how the importance of scholarships, writing and communicating can change the student body on any campus.

Creating Healthy Lifestyles for Students in Recovery As K-12 schools, institutions of higher learning, and communities find themselves immersed in the current drug and opioid epidemic; current research is forced to provide educators, policymakers, and advocates with the tools to use to address this crisis and co-occurring mental health disorders. This message employs a solution-oriented approach to solve this growing mental health crisis. A narrative and inquiry approach along with statistical data, personal testimony, and evidenced-based practices to use to improve student’s lives and the human condition overall.

The Future Is Our Youth  We are in the middle of one of the worst drug epidemics and mental health crises this country has ever seen. THE MESSAGES' mission is to provide solutions and educate students on co-occurring disorders. A solution-oriented seminar offers an excellent foundation for addressing the most common and pervasive challenges advocates, and colleges face in providing support, resources and hope to move forward. Based on statistical data, personal testimony, and evidence-based practices proven to better the lives of those affected by this epidemic.


Frederick kicks off the event by developing an atmosphere of learning. His sessions are structured to Inspire, Educate, and Create Healthy Lifestyles for all.  Frederick remains present after the event for any questions relating to matters at hand.

Interactive workshops including a wide variety of inspirational topics:

  • Substance Abuse and Recovery
  • Wellness Lifestyle
  • Mental Illness Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Developing Healthy Habits
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

Frederick will work with your organizers to customize workshops to address subjects specifically related to the needs of your organization.

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Frederick Shegog is innovative, intelligent and engaging. Seeking to disrupt the stigma around addiction, Mr. Shegog pulls from his personal experience to capture his audience to go a step beyond sympathy and promote empathy. As a witness to his prowess as a public speaker, Mr. Shegog inspires his audience to look beyond the circumstances of where someone ends up and see to the heart and potential of people.

Erica Reeves
Retention Specialist for Career & Technical Students
NTHS & PTK, Co-advisor
Women's Empowerment Initiative, Co-chair
DCCC Alumni Association, Vice President
Road To Recovery