Resources for students in recovery should be as common as the bookstore | Opinion
August 23, 2018
Frederick Shegog, For the Inquirer

“I hope that one day soon, students will not have to fight for addiction and recovery services but that they will be as common as finding the bookstore. No student should be forgotten.”

Clean and Sober Radio Appearance
September 7, 2018
Episode 090718

Gary Hendler’s guest on this edition of Clean and Sober Radio is Frederick Shegog. Freddie went from being a homeless dumpster diving man, who was addicted to drugs and alcohol, to being a 3.5 GPA student attending Delaware County Community College. Shegog tells his inspirational story about breaking the chains of addiction. He is now an advocate for helping other students on campus and throughout the community.

Freddy Shegog’s Journey from Homelessness and Addiction to College Honors
Spring 2019
Your Advantage, Delaware County Community College

Dumpster diving, panhandling and drinking were once everyday activities for Frederick “Freddy” Shegog. In his early twenties, he entered a spiral of addiction that pulled him away from his childhood dreams. Despite a decade of alcohol abuse and time spent homeless, Shegog was able to transform himself into an honors student at Delaware County Community College in just two years.

Hope Dealer: A Student’s Journey from Homelessness and Addiction to College and Advocacy
Spring 2019
Chester County Press 02-06-2019 Edition
Local News, Section A, Page 9
Hope Dealer: A Student’s Journey from Homelessness and Addiction to College and Advocacy
Recovery Campus Magazine

A great information source for young adult students faced with making important decisions about their recovery from addiction.


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We were pleased to invite Frederick Shegog to Clarion University of Pennsylvania to speak to our campus.  Through his presentation our students were encouraged to work through unfortunate circumstances. Frederick used his own past as an example and as a result was able to connect with our students. He was inspiring! Students left Mr. Shegog’s presentation motivated and encouraged.
We look forward to Mr. Shegog returning to Clarion University.

Ann Jamison
Office of the President